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Country Aire Estates
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The Botanical Inspired Series


- White -

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Au Naturel. Some things are better as they come, indulge in the simple native sweetness of this White Muscadine Blend. This southern classic is festive, fruity, and just plain fun.

Skinny Dippin'
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Tickle your fancy, and your taste buds with this deliciously tropical blend. Fresh Peach pairs up seamlessly with the alluring flavors of Passion Fruit in this unforgettable sweet white.

Tickle Your Fancy
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This stand out wine is semi-sweet, with just a bit of heat. Bright, fresh Pineapple reels you in, while the mild spice of Chili Peppers make it burn so good.

Playing With Fire

- Red -

Behind The Walls Red backup HD.jpg

This hard-to-share Sweet Red Blend takes you back to memories of simpler times. With fresh fruit notes throughout and that unmistakable Muscadine finish, you'll be hard pressed not to be a little selfish.

Finders Keepers
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Cool off, and kick back with this semi-sweet fruity red blend. Tart notes of Pomegranate light up your palate while sweet Blueberries make this smooth wine a refreshing ending to your day.

Made In The Shade
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Nothing beats the summer sweet taste of freshly picked blackberries, except maybe an icy cold glass of sangria...why not both? Take a load off and savor this all too tasty sweet red.

Front Porch Sittin'
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