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Country Aire Estates
American Winery


-   The Wines  -

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Our Heritage Reserve Wines are a collection as varied and

unique as the great men and women who grace their labels.

These premium limited-production wines are representative of the unforgettable personalities that have molded our family. Some bold and hearty, some light and playful, some sure to turn you head,

each of the selections are unmistakably one of a kind.

Winding roads, sunsets, scenic views; the American Farm Truck sees them all. Like the simple straightforward nature of the heartland and its settlers. This collection of easy-sipping wines is unmistakable. Our Farm Truck Series pays tribute to the spirit of the hard working, industrious individuals who came before us, that were never afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty We hope you'll join us in raising a glass, as we tip our hats to them.

Inspired wines that pay tribute to the natural elements that surround us. 

Our Botanical Series embraces the true flavors and scents that take flight in the Country Aire.

We Invite you to breathe in, indulge, and savor the irresistible varieties that nature and our vintners bring to the table.

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